MU | MIA Project

MU|MIA, like that of the mysterious continent that fought against Atlantis before disappearing, is a “transmedia for good” cultural project based in Italy.  The focus of the narrative is set on the life of three young orphans messing around in Rome. Their need for freedom and independence is a restless challenge but MU, the strange orphanage where they live, built in the basement of the artificial lake of EUR, a 1930s’ futuristic quarter of Rome, is their microcosmos and protect them, and save them from the brutality of their own destiny. The audience work with them and for them, to help them survive and succeed in their fight for a better life.

The Transmedia bouquet consists in a DocuSeries, an Indie Brand Franchise (Clothing, Accessorize, Schoolkit), 4 Novels, Fashion Movies, Social Media Fan activities and Real World Events (urban Game, Mudom, Road show in Bookshop and Museums).

The Aim of the project? To stress the audience attention on the importance of creativity in education and in problematic and borderline teens’ life.The three guys experience creativity and handcrafting every day since they are a cosplay, a fashion designer and a youtuber looking restlessly for expressing themselves somehow. The final social goal of the project, at the same time, is to keep part of the earnings to build a real MU in Rome: an orphanage and a fablab where to teach creative disciplines to small groups of vulnerable boys and girls, and where to create and customize MU|MIA’s products to be sold to make MU’s maintenance and Myers’ access to schools and universities in the future easier.

The project is ongoing.

Here, the facebook fan page of MU|MIA.