HUNGER GAMES: Catching Fire – Booktour

A book tour to investigate the secrets, the keys and the clues of one of the most successful sagas of the last years: Hunger Games. Three encounters focusing on the main character of the story (“Be Katniss”), the universe of the tale (“The storyworld of Panem”) and the fan culture’s world of the franchise through the media (movies, games, comics etc.). These are the goals of the experience managed for Mondadori Libri, the italian publishing house releasing “Hunger Games La ragazza di fuoco” (Catching Fire). Special guests from the storytelling and the movie industry, and lots of games and tricky enigmas to explore the book and its characters. The project is partnered by Universal Pictures International Italy, Mondadori, IED Roma, International Film Festival of Rome, and is leaded by the italian transmedia network Little transmedia experiences related to the novel will be held in the real and in the digital world, in the same location of the italian premiere (in Rome).
This is the link of the video of the project.