Aquadro, directed by Stefano Lodovichi and produced by Mood Film for RAI Cinema, is the first italian film mentioning the “Transmedia Producer” credit in its ending titles. The movie tells the story of two guys who recorded a video while they are having sex in a school lab; a video which soon pass in the wrong hands and get published on the web…
Max Giovagnoli, producer of the transmedia campaign, used the website of the movie, profiles on youtube and twitter, urban games played by students in commercial centres and discos, art-toys downloadable from the web, viral videos and tattoo contests, to spread the imagery of the story. The movie was distribuited online in march/may 2013 and got a great success and five movie awards in Italy.
The media campaign was sustained by IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, Roma and Anything Media.

Here, you can see the OFFICIAL TRAILER OF THE MOVIE and some photos of the italian campaign.